Rappahannock Area Friendly Bridge NEWS   September 2013



We have started using Bridgemates.  Denzil Willis, Arthur Florack and Judy Haney took a one day class one Saturday in Richmond taught by Joe Steele of Charlottesville.  Joe will be our tech assistance as we learn to use these handy devices.  Each of us has a different operating system, hence having to learn different techniques to makes the devices work correctly.  Our cost was the servers alone as Unit 109 purchased the table units and we will rent them.

A side benefit of the Bridgemates is that there were SEVERAL players who had gotten ACBL numbers since we started our club…. As  we realized they were not in our data base, we sent into the ACBL masterpoint guru, their names and their masterpoints  totals are being updated.  If you notice a jump in your masterpionts, don’t report it to ACBL, they were earned in previous games. ;-)



Judy Haney tooK the Teacher Accreditation Program class in Atlanta in August.  Since she passed the exam she is now an American Contract Bridge League certified teacher.  Her YMCA classes will continue as they were before, i.e., free to everyone.  Lately the classes have been on intermediate play with Defense as the main topic.  With two tables of players, the questions are varied.  She welcomes newcomers but suggests anyone who does not know the basics of bridge take at least one individual class before attending the group classes.  See the Lessons link or contact Judy at (540) 775-2245 for more information.  Congratulations Judy!



Several new books were recently added to our lending library.  Specifically, ‘Watson’s Play of the Hand’  and Audrey Grant’s ‘Improve Your Declarer Play – 5 Steps to Simplify the Endplay.’  Ms Grant is an excellent writer and this book is small, easy to read and understand.  Only one copy so please return so others may also use it.



Clubs who have had games to qualify North American Pairs were asked to send the list of those who qualified into their District.  Below is the list supplied from the Rappahannock Area Bridge Club


Sep 10, 2013                        Qualifiers                       Page 1


                                 3NA 3NB 3NC

K858592 Ernest          Bartholomew      3NA       

N738881 Sherrill        Bartholomew      3NA       

2558513 Gale            Beamon               3NB 3NC

P458045 Pat             Beebe            3NA 3NB   

2558696 Monica          Betler           3NA 3NB   

K339838 Jim             Blackwelder      3NA 3NB   

8559074 Bob             Bos              3NA 3NB   

L780562 James           Buford           3NA 3NB   

L620018 Sara            Buford           3NA 3NB   

Q192464 Art             Florack          3NA 3NB   

9586628 Claire          Florack                  3NC

6746896 Mildred         Green            3NA 3NB 3NC

M265025 Deborah         Hage             3NA 3NB   

O948774 Dick            Hagenlocker      3NA       

2558645 Carole          Hamm             3NA 3NB 3NC

N245133 Jerry           Haney            3NA 3NB   

N245141 Judy            Haney            3NA 3NB   

Q536597 Martha          Haselbush        3NA 3NB   

K237717 Paul            Haselbush        3NA 3NB   

K237709 Arvil           Henderson        3NA       

1287834 Cindy           Hinds            3NA 3NB 3NC

4198484 Lynn            Hinds            3NA 3NB 3NC

1858564 Jane            Ingbretsen               3NC

5670225 Mioko           Krehbiel         3NA 3NB 3NC

K740451 Felix           Maddox           3NA       

8632529 Loretta         Mathews                  3NC

7622147 Elaine          Parks                3NB 3NC

O408451 Sharon          Ramsey           3NA       

9193588 Peggy           Rossman          3NA 3NB   

7868782 Wayman          Rossman          3NA 3NB   

M693728 Harriet         Schrader         3NA 3NB   

Q561281 Frank           Silver           3NA 3NB   

5663709 Bette           Slovin                   3NC

3235831 Valerie         Sudick           3NA 3NB 3NC

J174282 Richard         Wallace          3NA 3NB   

P197756 Neal            Walters          3NA 3NB   

2647036 Sheila          Young            3NA 3NB   

 Players selected: 37 out of 214